Allegra Van Alen
Cate Blanchett as Allegra Van Alen


Gabrielle, The Uncorrupted, the Virtuous, the Messenger, Archangel of the Light


Date of Birth

August 24, 1969



  • Charles Force (Broken)
  • Stephen Chase (Red Blood)

Notable Weapons

Gabrielle's Sword

Biography Edit

Schuyler Van Alen's birth mother, former bondmate of Charles Force. She broke their bond to marry her human familiar, Stephen Bendix Chase. Not long after Schulyer's birth, she fell into a coma and was housed at the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital- on the top floor, in a private room that was outfitted like a suite in one of the city's best hotels, overlooking the Hudson River.

She is tall, with piercing green eyes and blonde hair. According to Schulyer, she has "a melancholy cast to her features","a face like a Renaissance Madonna- serene and peaceful."

"Bloody Valentine" tells the story of how she met Stephen Bendix Chase at age sixteen. She met Schuyler's father at Endicott when she was hospitalized for a field hockey injury . Throughout the story it's shown how Allegra fell in love with Stephen(known by his middle name, "Bendix", at that point). Allegra referred to him as "Ben" and he referred to her as "Legs."

"Bloody Valentine" ends when Allegra makes Bendix her human familiar. While drinking from Bendix, Allegra sees something. A vision of her having a baby. One with Ben's bright blue eyes. She latter she sees of herself in a coma and Ben to be dead. After that night she immediately left.

In the latest book, "Lost In Time", Allegra is a woman. She's smart, beautiful, and is embracing her vampire future and nature. She's convinced herself she is ready. While on a trip to San Francisco she accidentally, sort of finds a way and meets up with Bendix. Near the end of the series, she leaves Charles on the day of their bonding and runs away with Ben.