Bliss Llewelyn
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Lily Cole as Bliss Llewellyn


Azazel, the Darkling (by her father) Lupus Theliel, Angel of Love/Wolfsbane (by her mother)




  • Fog
  • Lioness

Previous Lives

Margaret Stanford

Biography Edit

Bliss Llewellyn is a tall striking woman with red hair and jade green eyes. At the start of the series, she is shy, reserved and lacks self-esteem. She is raised by Forsyth Llewellyn and BobiAnne Llewellyn, her cycle parents. She later discovers that her true parents are Allegra--Gabrielle-- and Lucifer. She was Gabrielle's long lost daughter, her birth hidden from her from her then cycle father, Lawrence Van Alen, and Charles Force. It is revealed that Lucifer was trying to take Bliss over and is thought to be a silver blood.

Past Lives Edit

Margaret Stanford

Margaret Stanford disappeared during the Patrician's Ball in the 1800s. It is later found out that in an attempt to rid herself of "the Vistor," Lucifer, she tried to kill herself by drowning. This attempt failed and she walked out of the morgue in good health.

When Dylan took Bliss to the met to a reconstruction of the Temple of Dendur, she had felt as if she had been there before, indicating she may have been alive during those times.

Relationships Edit

Dylan Ward

Dylan was presumed to become Bliss' bondmate, but was killed by Lawrence Van Alen. Bliss took control of Dylan so he wouldn't know that she was the silver blood (without her knowing) and inadvertently driving him insane. The night of the blood bank, she was supposed to attack Dylan, but her attraction to him threw her off, resulting in her attacking Aggie instead.

Kingsley Martin

Kingsley Martin and Bliss shared a few romantic moments during the second novel. However, this was only a ploy on Kingsley's part, only attempting to get close to her in his case of finding the hidden Abomination. .